S●FLEX PVC Single Ply Waterproofing


Mechanically fastened single ply PVC systems, using polyester and glass scrim reinforcements, installed over a metal deck brought a new engineered approach to commercial roofing. For example, the number of fasteners, their location and spacing are designed specifically for each building to withstand maximum wind uplift forces. Due its low weight, inherent flexibility, speed of installation, long life expectancy and use of modern power tools, mechanically fastened PVC systems remain the number 1 choice for the roofing of commercial buildings   

RA bonded system – RISK AVERSE

Identified and eliminated• No penetration of the substrate, eliminating potential leak points in the substrate  • Fully functioning fully bonded Vapour Control Layer in a multi-purpose role of condensation prevention, permanent waterproofing and instant protection during construction • Bonding in place of the thermal insulation layer• Full surface bonding of the membrane using spray applied adhesive, thereby in the event of a leak eliminating “water paths” beneath the cap sheet• Double reinforced fleece backed membrane with exceptional puncture and tear resistance, minimising the risk of mechanical damage


Because added weight can be a significant structural design factor, ballasted roofs are predominantly installed over either concrete or high strength steel decks. The S•Flex reinforced PVC membrane is loosely laid over the prepared substrate and protected from puncture and perforation from above and below by the use of non-woven geotextiles. The subsequently installed insulation layer is weighted down against wind uplift by either loose stone, paving stones or a mixture of both     


PVC Single Ply Waterproofing
S●FLEX Polymer Roofing Systems
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