S●FLEX PVC Coated Steel


  • 0.6mm or 1.2mm thick?  
  • Light grey or dark grey?   
  • 1000mm, 1250mm or 1500mm wide?
  • 300m long standard coils or 30m mini coils or flat sheets? This is a very high quality product coming from a production process that prevents delaminating

PVC coated steel has many uses, one example is the use of decorative laminates used extensively in the fitting out of modern cruise ships. Light, versatile and adaptable.

In construction main uses are perimeter edge flashings for single ply roofing systems in flat roofing and widely as ready waterproofed pressed out industrial gutters. In both cases the material is fabricated into the desired profile from flat sheet. Depending on length of span and method of construction the fabricator can choose from 0.6mm or 1.2mm thick steel substrate and in the case of the latter up to a width of 1500mm

Also available is a complimentary range of accessories such as outlets, butt straps and pre formed corners.  

PVC Coated steel PVC Coated steel
S●FLEX Polymer Roofing Systems
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