Fast-Dek Canister adhesives

Pressurised spray canisters have risen in a fairly short period of time to become the "go to" method of application in the flat roofing industry of low to medium viscosity bonding adhesives

In addition to increased speed, canister adhesives present far greater application control when compared with the previously employed pail and can packaging. Usage rates are higher due to greater wet film thickness control and gone are the unsightly ridges caused by the foaming process of the adhesive where it has been applied either too thick or as partial bonding

"Fully bonded" now means just that with the adhesive providing the added benefit of a further continuous waterproof barrier without "water paths" in the event of a leak. Being free of bumps and ridges the finished roof is both aesthetically pleasing and free draining. Waste is now kept to an absolute minimum. Before shutting down, simply purge the spray tip of adhesive and the canister is ready for the next application  







Fast-Dek Canister adhesives Fast-Dek Canister adhesives
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