Why we should all change to canister adhesives


Bonded roofing systems have attributes that provide confidence to the building owner and contractor alike. However, one aspect of the installation process gives cause for concern.


In the case of torch on felt systems it is the use of naked flames that promotes “HEATED” discussion. (sorry for the pun). The dangers and disasters of torching are well documented and do not require my two penny’s worth.


In the case of bonded polymeric membranes such as PVC & TPO the application of the adhesive layer, where it is sometimes (not always) poured out of a can and then spread out with a roller or squeegee, somehow destroys the notion that single ply membranes, with all their high tech equipment are the state of the art they are cracked up to be


But the introduction of a spray able adhesive via a pressurised canister has now dramatically changed the scene for polymerics. We now have a clean, easy, fast and comfortable way of applying the adhesive. There are technical benefits also such as “fully bonded” now meaning fully bonded as opposed to haphazard partial bonding from a can. Gone are the ugly ridges under the membrane created when the foaming adhesive has been applied too thickly. And also gone are the water paths created from the same situation


And not to be overlooked is the vast improvement in aesthetics. The finished roofs are now looking smooth, tight and most importantly totally secure 


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