A well designed and constructed roof provides long term benefits to all concerned


On the other hand a leaking roof creates havoc, distress and expense



Requirement: a system where risk is eliminated and where fail-safe is built in


Our “roof risk assessment” identified in excess of 15 added benefits provided by the non-penetrating system



Cold applied self-adhesive vapour control layer – bonded in place


Added benefits:


  • The building is made dry immediately

  • Structural elements are protected

  • Inhabitants and contents are protected

  • Following trades are allowed to progress

  • Acts as a waterproofing layer of last resort

  • No naked flames required to install


Polyisocyanurate thermal insulation – bonded in place


Added benefits:


  • Conforms to Part L of the Building Regulations by totally avoiding cold bridging

  • Good insulation properties at low thickness

S•Flex PVC fleece backed membrane – bonded in place


Added benefits


  • Site jointing securely and efficiently made with hot air

  • Puncture & Perforation resistant - Double reinforced due to the combination of integral glass fleece and polyester fleece backing helps to prevent mechanical damage

  • Fleece backing reduces possibility of perforation of the membrane from underneath

  • Bonded systems avoid the noisy flapping of loosely laid membranes in high winds

  • Exposed smooth membranes are easy to clean & maintain and easy to repair if damaged by flying debris etc.


Perimeter mechanical restraint


By fastening the mechanical restraint bars vertically through the membrane into the parapet, as opposed to horizontally through the membrane, insulation and roof deck, a number of Added Benefits accrue:


  • The roof deck remains intact and structurally sound

  • The membrane is folded into the corners to avoid unnecessary cutting

  • Flashing membrane welding is easier carried out and thus more secure




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