About S●FLEX

Polymer based roofing products are our speciality - an area of expertise built over a combined period of 50 years

We see our responsibility to remain at the cutting edge of a progressive materials technology in order to effectively and honestly advise our clients on the best and most cost effective solutions on offer

It is also our responsibility to provide the very best support we can give to our clients and customers; be they developers, designers, specifiers or contractors. In addition to detailed product information, we are happy to carry out prior and post job inspections, and provide J42 NBS specifications and roof specific Operation & Maintenance manuals 

If you have a question or require further assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone or email and you are assured of our very best attention

flexible polymeric based single ply membranes flexible polymeric based single ply membranes
S●FLEX Polymer Roofing Systems
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